General Information
About International Dance Academy

Dance School Year

The year is divided into 2 terms. Term = 14 weeks of lessons.

1st term – September 11th, 2023 to December 18th, 2023

2nd term – January 8th, 2024 to May 13th, 2024


Does Not Include Cost of Costume for Year End Recital

Two Terms To Our School Year

Twinkle Tots/Kinderdance

  • $210.00+HST per term (Includes a complimentary tutu or t-shirt)


Recreational Classes

  • 1 class/ week – $230.00+HST per term (2 terms per school year)
  • 2 classes/week – $450.00+HST per term (2 terms per school year)
  • 3 classes/week – $595.00+HST per term (2 terms per school year)

Payment Policies

Payment is due the first week of classes in one of several ways: A. Full Year payment by September 15th, receive 3% discount on full tuition. B. Semi annual payments dated September 1st and January 1st. -or C. Monthly post-dated cheques (8 in total), dated the 1st of each month beginning September and ending April. A $25.00 surcharge will apply for this option.

  • Payment of fees can be made by Cash, Cheque, Debit, E-Transfer, ([email protected], no password required–please note full name of students in memo)  Visa or MasterCard.
  • Discounts for multiple Family Members.  5% 2nd child//10% 3rd child.
  • Proud supporter of PRO Kids since its establishment in the City of Thunder Bay.
  • All required Dance Supplies for class available to purchase in our Shop.  All IDA members enjoy a 15% discount on all regular priced merchandise.
  • Terms 30 days net, unless special arrangements are made with Director.  Overdue accounts are subject to interest charges of 2.5% per month—minimum charge $5.00.
  • A service charge of $45.00 applies to all cheques returned NSF.
  • Registration will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Enrolment is limited.
  • No refunds after the 3rd week of classes, applicable to Twinkle Tots/Kinderdance classes only.   Exceptions are made for medical reasons with a doctor’s note.  All refund requests must be submitted in written form.
  • A non-refundable administration fee of $25.00 applies to all refunds.
  • The right is reserved to alter the class schedule or substitute teachers without notice or refund.
  • Should International Dance Academy need to close its facility for any reason, pandemic or otherwise, classes will move to ZOOM, no refunds will be issued, and all remaining dance fees for the season must be paid in full as registered.
  • All dance fees are subject to 13% HST. Registration #114231988

Studio Etiquette

  • Individuals are asked to avoid bringing nuts and foods containing nuts and/or any type of fish to the dance studio.
  • Any concerns should be brought to the attention of the Artistic Director by appointment.
  • Dance attire, show tickets, pictures and related items are the responsibility of the student and/or parents. It is not compulsory to take part in all activities of the studio. Letters/Emails with respect to extra curricular activities  of involvement will be distributed for events as required.

Dance Attire

Proper Attire for Dance Class

Parents please do not buy any supplies until having confirmed with the teacher what is needed!

TWINKLE TOTS/KINDERDANCE (GIRLS) Bodysuit–Pink Tank Tights–Ballet pink Ballet shoes-Pink Canvas “Sansha” Hair-pulled back in ponytail or bun, off face (BOYS) White fitted T-shirt Black Lycra Pants/Shorts Ballet shoes-black canvas “Sansha”-and- Black Socks

BALLET (GIRLS) Bodysuit—Short sleeved, Tank or Camisole Tights—Ballet pink Ballet shoes—Pink Canvas split-sole “Sansha” Hair pulled back in bun, if long enough, if short, pulled back (BOYS) White fitted T-shirt Black Lycra Pants/Tights/Shorts Ballet shoes-black canvas “Sansha” Black Socks

TAP/JAZZ (GIRLS & BOYS) Girls: Bodysuit or Sports Tank & Shorts Any Colour Boys: Fitted T-shirt and Shorts or Pants, Any Colour Girls: Tan Tights (if applicable) Jazz Shoes Split-sole Bloch (Girls—Tan/Boys—Black) Tap Shoes Girls: Tan Oxford “Bloch/Capezio” tap shoes (Pre-Intermediate) Tan Slip-on Velcro buckles “Sansha” (Primary & Junior) Boys: Black leather Oxford “Bloch/Capezio” tap shoes (All Levels) Hair-pulled back in ponytail or bun, off face

ACRO Girls:  Bodysuit or Body Sports Tank and Spandex Shorts with Tights, Any Colour. Boys:  Fitted T-shirt and Shorts and Pants, Any Colour, Bare Feet, Hair-pulled back in ponytail or bun, off face

HIP HOP Girls & Boys: T-Shirt and sweat or Lycra pants Hip Hop Shoes: 1. Non-skid white cross trainers (Clean Indoor Only) 2. Black “Bloch” Hip Hop dance sneaker, Hair-pulled back in ponytail or bun, off face


The association is a nonprofit group, organized for the following  specific purposes:  1.  Arrange and fund raise for local and out-of-town competitions, festivals, public performances, summer school or workshops to increase a student’s appreciation and interest in dance. 2.  Carry on other educational programs in order to increase knowledge in dance; and 3.  Foster goodwill and sportsmanship, and provide opportunities for self-development in the field of dance.

PERMITTED USES FOR MONIES RAISED: entry fees, workshop fees, travel expenses, costumes, shoes, videos, pictures, private lessons, etc, or others related expenses with the approval of our Artistic Director, Laura Pascolo McRury.

THE NET PROFITS FROM FUNDRAISING VENUES ARE DISPENSED AS FOLLOWS: 5% to the coordinator of the fundraiser, 5% to the treasurer of the IAPAA, 10% to the general expense account and 80% to the individual member (dancer).

CHAIRPERSON/PRESIDENT: The I.A.P.A.A. does not have a formal board set in place.  All fundraising endeavours must be approved by Laura Pascolo McRury, owner and Artistic Director of the International Dance Academy.

TREASURER – A volunteer is required to act as Treasurer.  This volunteer must be associated with the International Dance Academy either as a parent or faculty member.

SECRETARY – A volunteer is needed to take notes during our meetings.  A copy of the meetings is then emailed to those present at meeting, and also posted on the IAPAA bulletin board at the studio.

COORDINATOR OF INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISERS: This position always changes.  Parents who bring forth an idea to Laura McRury, artistor director of International Dance Academy,  are encouraged to act as the coordinator.  One incentive for acting as coordinator is to earn extra funds towards their child’s individual fundraising account, remember 5% of all fundraising profit goes to the coordinator.  We welcome new ideas.

HOW DO I GET FUNDS RELEASED FROM MY CHILD’S ACCOUNT: Your account balance is confidential, only you and the treasurer have your account balance.  For this reason, we ask that you purchase and pay for the supplies which you need, then ask for the I.A.P.A.A. Money Release Form, available through the front office of our Studio, fill it out, the director of IDA will sign it, and once the treasurer verifies that your account has sufficient funds then a cheque will be made out to you the parent/guardian; it’s that simple.  If you have an outstanding balance with International Dance Academy, firstly that amount must be paid in full to International Dance Academy, before any funds can be released directly to student’s parent/guardian.  

REGISTERED MEMBERS OF THE I.A.P.A.A.: All students actively registered with the International Dance Academy are members of the International Academy Performing Arts Association.   Should a student cease to be registered with the International Dance Academy, their individual fundraising account can be assigned to another active student (deadline for transfer: 1 year).  If we do not hear from you, in written form, within that time frame, then your individual fundraising account would be transferred into the general expense account of IAPAA.