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A Dance Style For Every Student

Dance Classes At IDA

Immerse yourself in the dynamic realm of dance with IDA! Our dance classes are tailored to embrace each child’s distinctive rhythm and style. From the enchanting grace of ballet to the pulsating beats of hip-hop, we present a rich array of styles, ensuring every youngster discovers their unique dance expression. At IDA, we champion the belief that dance is a language universally spoken, and our seasoned instructors are committed to fostering the zeal and imagination of each child. Embark on a journey with us, where every step becomes a jubilation of individuality, and a dance style awaits to complement every kid’s personality and preferences.

"Dancers are instruments, like a piano the choreographer plays. – George Balanchine"

Dance Classes For Kids & Teens

Unleashing Creativity Through Dance

Take a fantastic journey where creativity has no limits! Our dance classes at the International Dance Academy are made just for kids and teens. It’s all about having fun, learning skills, and expressing yourself freely. Our experienced instructors love teaching and make sure each young dancer gets personal attention and lots of encouragement. Whether it’s the first dance steps or the fancy moves of older teens, our classes are a friendly and inspiring place for all ages to shine.

No matter if your little one is just starting or your teenager is getting better, we have classes for everyone. Each class is made to make you better at dancing and also teaches important stuff like working together, being disciplined, and feeling confident. At Thunder Bay’s International Dance Academy, we believe dancing is not just in the studio—it’s a journey that makes you love being creative forever.

Come join us at the International Dance Academy! Every class is like a stepping stone, helping your child become the best dancer they can be. Enroll today and give your young dancer the awesome gift of dance—a journey full of music, laughter, and the joy of discovering themselves!

Kids in a Thunder Bay Dance Class
4 kids in a dance class

The Benefits Of IDA Dance Lessons

Expert Instructors

Our experienced and passionate instructors are committed to nurturing the unique dance expression within each individual.

All Ages Welcome

Whether you're a toddler twirling for the first time or an adult rediscovering the joy of dance, our classes are tailored for all age groups starting from 2.5 and up!

Diverse Dance Styles

Explore a rich tapestry of dance styles, ensuring there's a perfect match for every personality and preference.

Dance student performing in class
5 Dancers at IDA Thunder Bay Dance Studio
Dance class group in matching grey outfits

Why You Should Sign Your Child Up For Dance Classes

With Dance, your child will commence the exciting and rewarding journey in the performing arts.
Here are just a few examples of the benefits of an extracurricular dance program:

Focus, Fitness, Discipline, Teamwork, Social Skills, Good Posture, Self Confidence,
Leadership Skills, Music Appreciation, Creative Thinking, Listening Skills, Time Management

If you talk to any occupational therapist or educator, they will tell you that a child’s occupation should be to PLAY!  Children learn best in a play-based environment, and that’s exactly what we do in our Pre-school classes!

Play is how young children naturally explore and make sense of their world. When children play in a safe, trusting environment, they build relationships, learn to resolve conflict, negotiate, and regulate their behaviour.  Our teachers remain flexible in the direction of each class to ensure they are responding to how children are experiencing play.

Each child comes to class with different learning styles and preferences.  One way of learning or participating is not more desired or beneficial than another.  Just as we value each child as an individual, we are dedicated to supporting diverse learning needs.  Our teachers create classroom environments that support multi-sensory learning through visual, auditory, and physical experiences.

Limited spots available ages 2.5 and up.   ​
So come join us,  and PLAY WITH DANCE!

Explore IDA's Dance Classes

Find The Dance Style That Fits Your Goals

Twinkle Tots / Kinderdance

Ages 2.5 - 4.5

Designed specifically for toddlers (ages 2-4) using the benefits from a variety of styles of dance to teach poise, grace, timing, coordination, and flexibility. All this is accompanied with age-appropriate music in a fun and entertaining environment. The purpose is to develop the first step towards a basic background in dance and an awareness of musical timing.

Toddler kinderdance student in dance class

Movers & Shakers

Ages 4 - 5.5

Designed specifically for children aged 4 and 5 using the benefits of Ballet, Jazz and Tap to teach the fundamentals of dance in a fun fast moving class.  All of this to age-appropriate music in a fun and entertaining environment.

Children in a movers and shakers kids dance class


5 Years & Up

Ballet is an important base for all types of dancing. It develops better form, control, poise, and balance, as well as creating a joy in movement and music. Cecchetti technique is taught as established by Maestro Enrico Cecchetti, and is professionally recognized around the world. Ballet is a must for the serious dancer.

Children in a ballet class for kids in Thunder Bay

Ballet Pointe & Pas De Deux

Taught at the discretion of the Artistic Director to students who have reached a satisfactory level in ballet technique and have the strength to do so. Pas de deux is partnering work, and is essential for the serious student pursuing a professional dance career. Pointe work is a must for the female dancer pursuing a professional ballet career.

Two dancers performing in a Pas De Deux dance class


4 Years & Up

Tap teaches an awareness of beat, timing, and rhythm; all of which provide a good  foundation on which to create.

Two kids holding hands and dancing in a class


6 Years & Up

Teaches body segregation, which, like ballet is a must for the serious dancer. Children, youth, and adults find jazz a rewarding experience while dancing to the latest hits. A dance form of African American origins, and a product of the 20th century,

A student performing in jazz dance class

Modern / Contemporary

Taught at the discretion of the Artistic Director to students who have reached a satisfactory stage in ballet technique and have the strength to do so. Methods taught are the Limone and Martha Graham techniques.

Students performing in a modern contemporary dance class

Lyrical Jazz

Taught at the discretion of the Artistic Director to students who have attained a certain level of technique. Lyrical dancing interprets the lyrics or mood (intent) of a song. This form includes the use of legwork, balance, flexibility, and facial/body emotion and encompasses ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary dance forms.

Lyrical Jazz Dancers in Class

Musical Theatre

6 Years & Up

A type of performance communicated through song, dance, movement, and drama often bringing characters or a story to life on stage.

Musical Theatre Dance students performing in costumes

Hip Hop / Street Funk

6 Years & Up

Part of popular urban culture, and is closely associated with rap music. It also refers to speech, fashion and personal style. This dance form is adopted by many youths, particularly in urban areas. It includes such movements as popping and locking and such styles as breaking and funk.

Children performing in a hip hop dance class


5 Years & Up

Students are placed according to age and ability.  Acro dance is safe, progressive and increases a dancer’s flexibility, strength and balance.  Our certified Acrobatic Arts instructors follow a true and tested syllabus developed by top professionals in the field of Acro, dance, gymnastics, physical therapy and more, that works in tandem with dance training to develop well-rounded dancers.  Each class is designed to give the student a strong basic foundation in acrobatic technique and tumbling.  All skills are built upon this foundation, allowing for a safe progression from the beginner skill level to a more advanced level.

Student performing in an acro dance class

Stretch, Shape & Strengthen

7 Years & Up

A must for all fitness enthusiasts and the serious dancer. We offer classes following the teachings of Moira Stott, a contemporary approach to the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates emphasizing neutral spine and neutral pelvic alignment and their relationship to core conditioning. Tone, strengthen, and streamline to achieve deep strength, flexibility, and endurance. Flatten abdominals and restore natural alignment while you tone and elongate without building bulk.

Students in a stretching dance class

Progressing Ballet Technique

An innovative program developed for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet, which in turn will relate to all other forms of dance.Safe dance training has been a passion of Marie’s as an educator for over 4 decades. It is sometimes difficult for students to feel what muscles initiate the correct alignment in ballet training, and we are so excited to be the first to be able to share this program with all our dancers in Thunder Bay.

Students in a progressing ballet technique class

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