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A Dance Style For Every Student

Dance Classes For Adults At IDA

Step into the world of dance with IDA’s adult dance classes! Our sessions are meticulously designed to cater to the unique rhythm and style of every adult. From the timeless elegance of ballet to the vibrant energy of hip-hop, we offer a diverse range of styles, ensuring every individual finds their dance groove. At IDA, we firmly believe that dance knows no age. Our expert instructors are dedicated to nurturing the passion and creativity of every adult learner. Join us on this exhilarating journey, where every movement celebrates self-expression, and a dance style is waiting to resonate with your personality.

"Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order." – Samuel Beckett

Adult Dance Classes in Thunder Bay

Unleashing Your Inner Dancer

Embark on a transformative journey where the boundaries of creativity are endless! Our adult dance classes at the International Dance Academy are crafted for individuals who wish to explore, learn, and express. Our seasoned instructors are passionate about teaching and ensure that every dancer, whether a beginner or experienced, receives personalized guidance and ample motivation. From mastering the basics to perfecting intricate choreographies, our classes provide a welcoming and inspiring environment for all.

Dance is more than just movement; it’s a celebration of life, expression, and passion. At IDA, we invite you to experience this magic, to find your rhythm, and to dance like no one’s watching.

Adult dance class performers
Thunder bay adults in a dance lesson

Why Choose Our Adult Classes?

Expert Guidance

Our instructors bring a wealth of experience and are dedicated to helping you achieve your dance goals.

Diverse Styles

From tap to contemporary, we offer a plethora of dance styles to suit every preference.

Holistic Development

Beyond dance techniques, our classes emphasize posture, confidence, teamwork, and musical appreciation.

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5 adults taking part in thunder bay dance lessons

Experience the Magic of Dance As An Adult

With Dance, adults embark on an exhilarating and fulfilling journey into the world of performing arts. Here are just a few benefits of joining an adult dance class:

Focus, Fitness, Discipline, Teamwork, Social Interaction, Improved Posture, Boosted Confidence, Leadership Development, Appreciation for Music, Enhanced Creativity, Active Listening, Time Management.

If you speak to any wellness expert or life coach, they’ll emphasize the importance of continuous LEARNING and GROWTH for adults. Engaging in activities like dance allows adults to explore and understand themselves better. In a supportive and trusted environment, they foster connections, enhance communication skills, and learn to navigate challenges. Our instructors are adaptable, ensuring that the teaching approach aligns with the unique experiences and preferences of each adult learner.

Every individual brings a distinct perspective and learning style to the class. No approach is deemed superior; every method of engagement is valued. We recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each adult, ensuring a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Our classes are designed to cater to various sensory experiences, incorporating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements.

Our Adult Dance Classes

1 hr class per term (14 weeks) – $230.00 plus HST
1.25 hr class per term (14 weeks) – $280.00 plus HST.
10% discount on 2nd class per week.

2 terms per year

1st term – September 11th, 2023 to December 18th, 2023
2nd term – January 8th, 2024 to May 13th, 2024

Private and Semi Private Sessions available by reservation–Call for more details.

​For more information or to register, call 807-622-7333.

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