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Thunder Bay Kids Dance Classes

If you talk to any occupational therapist or educator, they will tell you that a child’s occupation should be to PLAY!  Children learn best in a play-based environment, and that’s exactly what we do in our Pre-school classes!

Play is how young children naturally explore and make sense of their world.  When children play in a safe, trusting environment, they build relationships, learn to resolve conflict, negotiate, and regulate their behaviour.  Our teachers remain flexible in the direction of each class to ensure they are responding to how children are experiencing play.

Each child comes to class with different learning styles and preferences.  One way of learning or participating is not more desired or beneficial than another.  Just as we value each child as an individual, we are dedicated to supporting diverse learning needs.  Our teachers create classroom environments that support multi-sensory learning through visual, auditory, and physical experiences.
Limited spots are available for ages 2 and up.   

So come join us,  and PLAY WITH DANCE!

"Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music." - William Stafford

A Dance Style For Every Little Star

Dance Classes For Kids At IDA

Embark on a magical journey where creativity knows no bounds! Our kids dance classes at the International Dance Academy are crafted for little ones who wish to explore, learn, and express. Our seasoned instructors are passionate about teaching and ensure that every young dancer, whether just starting or with some experience, receives personalized guidance and ample encouragement. From mastering the basics to enjoying fun choreographies, our classes provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for all.

At Thunder Bay’s International Dance Academy, we believe that dance is a wonderful journey of self-expression, creativity, and joy for kids. So, whether your child is taking their first dance steps or continuing their dance adventure, IDA is the perfect place.

Dance is more than just movement; it’s a celebration of life, imagination, and happiness. At IDA, we invite your little one to experience this magic, to find their rhythm, and to dance with all their heart.

Kids Dance Class Thunder Bay
Children in costume for dance class

The Benefits Of IDA Dance Lessons

Expert Guidance for Little Feet

Our instructors bring a wealth of experience in teaching young children and are dedicated to helping them discover the joy of dance.

Diverse Styles for Tiny Dancers

From baby ballet to toddler hip-hop, we offer a range of dance styles to captivate every child's imagination.

Experience the Magic of Dance with Your Child

Dance offers children a world of benefits, including improved coordination, rhythm, social interaction, boosted confidence, and a love for music. Engaging in dance classes allows children to explore their creativity,

Kinderdance Kids Dance Classes
Twinkle Tots Thunder Bay Kids Dance Class
Kinderdance Dance Class For Kids

About IDA's Kinderdance / Twinkle Tots Classes

KINDERDANCE/TWINKLE TOTS: is designed specifically for toddlers using the benefits from a variety of styles of dance to teach poise, grace, timing, coordination, and flexibility.  All this is accompanied with age-appropriate music in a fun and entertaining environment. The purpose is to develop the first step towards a basic background in dance and an awareness of musical timing. Classes are held with your choice of Saturdays, or during the week in the early evening.

Each child will receive a complimentary  Tutu with their Kinderdance/Twinkle Tots registration. 
Does Not Include Cost of Costume for Year End Recital 

Two Terms to our School Year

Kinderdance/Twinkle Tots $210.00+HST per term

Each term represents 14 weeks of classes.

1st term – September 11th, 2023 to December 18th, 2023
2nd term – January 8th, 2024 to May 13th, 2024

Twinkle Tots ages 2.5-3.5
Offered both during the weekdays and weekends

Kinderdance ages 3.5-4.5
Offered both during the weekdays and weekends

Get Those Little Feet Moving With International Dance Academy